Founded in March 2004 by Pastor Margo Ross Sears, Light & Energy Workers Association (LEWA) is a non-profit,  national, spiritual organization based in North Carolina, USA. Honoring all spiritual paths, we are non-denominational and multi-faith. Our official state by-laws may be requested from our Emissary, and various services from our Clergy Members.

  Free Hugs particiapnts and LEWA members 2010

 “Historically, clergy ordinations served to separate out the ‘holy people’ from the ‘lay people’ and secular masses. It created 2 classes of people.  Also, ordinations were also held for people who underwent years of study to insure that a particular dogma, or belief system, would be enforced.  What is beautiful about what LEWA provides is a safe-space for acknowledgement that we ALL are sacred people worthy of searching, looking inside finding and defining our own Truths.  That means that everyone has a right to be holy. There is no ‘us and them’…only Sacred Beings at different places in the profound journey of life.  

And so I want to acknowledge the personal journey that has brought each of us here to be ordained: the tears, the questioning, the struggle, the patience, the courage to think for yourself! Thank you for taking on the spiritual responsibility of finding what inspires you.  Thank you for for showing up, and reminding us all that we are powerful beings, connected to our Source, capable of affecting our world. Together we proclaim with our lives the truth that there is no ‘us and them’! We are all sacred expressions of God/Spirit with the power to give Life with our words, give Hope with our smiles, and live the values of compassion and equality! And most importantly, for each of us to be Guardians of Spiritual Freedom. It is an honor to be a part of LEWA.”
~Rev. Donna Rodriguez, 2012


  • To honorably provide personalized spiritual services whenever and wherever possible.
  • To exemplify unconditional love, respect, and compassion for all beings.
  • To accept divine guidance from both one’s Highest Power and the communities we serve.

For details and specific providers, please click on CLERGY LISTINGS.

  • Public LEWA events:  monthly Meetups, Ordinations, Pet Blessings, Charities and more, see our EVENTS page.
  • Wedding & Commitment officiating services
  • Funeral service
  • Dedicating/Blessing/Christening Baby or Child
  • Cleansing/Blessing your home, office, other spaces, etc.
  • Prayers and Healing Intentions
  • Wellness and Energywork treatments or classes
  • Workshops, classes, coaching & mentoring, health services, celebrations, worship
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  • Many other spiritual services, upon request







“I always believe that is it much better to have a variety of religions, a variety of philosophies.
Each religion has certain learning about them which can only enrich one’s own faith.”
~ the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso

To send us a message, complete the form below. You may also contact Rev. Margo Sears at 336.314.0503.