Winston-Salem and Triad area, NC


AKA RavenHarte, is the High Priestess of a Western Mystery coven, a teacher of spiritual Self-awareness through the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and an Usui Reiki Master. She currently performs LGBTQ and non-traditional weddings or relationship ceremonies ONLY, as well as rituals of healing & empowerment.

Pagan HPS, Energyworker, Facilitator, Spiritual/Emotional Health & Empowerment.
Rev. Brigitte

Triad area NC and beyond


Owner of Triad Essence Energy & Wellness in Greensboro, a certified Reflexologist, Healing Touch and Huna Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and certified Medium. Also a Facilitator, Cross-over Provider, Spiritual Wellness & Accountability Coach, Teen Success Mentor, and Women’s Empowerment Speaker. Wedding officiating, Notary, dance, and Weight Management services available.

Healing, Life Coach, Mentor, Medium, Teacher and Notary.

Triad NC and beyond


Tara is a Reiki Master Teacher and Life Coach offering Reiki treatments, lessons, and offers Root Cause Hypnotherapy. She performs weddings under the authority of her ordination from another group.

Root Cause Hyponotherapy, life coaching, Reiki sessions.
Esco Babatunde II

NC and beyond

Esco is co-owner of Escofhari’s Holistic House, Natural Hair, Skin, Body & Holistic Living Retreat. Spiritual/Holistic Consulting, Mind, Body & Soul Wellness Workshops. Scientist & Educator of the Escofhari Institute of Holistic Science and Technology.

Scientist & Educator of the Escofhari Institute of Holistic Science and Technology

Sedona AZ & worldwide


With 25+ years experience in the human potential movement. Creator of The Inspired Action Process. A process that transforms struggle into purpose. She mentors individuals and businesses on inspired action. Co-founder of The Center for Pure Spirit Connection in Sedona, Arizona. (Complimentary Strategy Session). Also officiates any weddings.

Inspired Action Coach and Pure Spirit Connection
Corinne “Cori”

NC Triad and beyond


Death doula; Founder of Heartworks Foundation ( which provides support and awareness surrounding end of life issues. Specialize in end-of-life essentials, such as companioning, advance directives, vigils, final rite of passage, ethical wills, legacy work. Organizer of community service projects providing charitable donations like our Sacred Shawl Circle and gravestone grooming. Host of  events: Winston-Salem’s Death Café and Morbid Curiosity Book Club.  She is also Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Bioenergetics practitioner.

Katie Kieffer

in Greensboro, NC area & Worldwide


ThetaHealing® practitioner/instructor & Self-Awareness Master, Katie’s mission is to help others heal so they can pursue their passion to whole-life prosperity. Clear Mind, Clear Heart, Clear Path to Prosperity!

Theta Healing; Clear Mind, Clear Heart, Clear Path to Prosperity