Margo & David

Coastal Carolinas and Triad NC


Margo is the Founder and Senior Pastor of LEWA. David, her husband, is Executive Pastor.  They are spiritual leaders, co-host Energyworkers Meetup in the coastal Brunswick County since 2011, and inland at Guilford County since 2003.  Currently, they offer intuitive events year-round at the Coast. Also, both officiate weddings of ALL types, for ANY couple of legal age, however Margo is primarily a professional photographer. David is a wooden flute musician too.  LGBTQ friendly, they also welcome expecting, divorced, multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious and NON-religious couples!

weddings, live flute, profesional photography
Cathy Cartisano

Myrtle Beach to Pawleys Island SC


Co-owner with husband John of Shamballa Urban Farm & Wellness Center in Myrtle Beach SC; Worldwide Women’s Circle leader & Worldwide Women’s Circle myrtle Beach leader; certified nutrition advisor; End of Life Midwife (doula) services; Reflexology (certified); LaHo-Chi/Angel Light Practitioner; Reiki Master, Spiritual Intuitive readings, intimate weddings,published author, on Facebook at: Shamballa Urban Farm & Wellness Center; Wings on the Ground, Worldwide Women’s Circle Myrtle Beach, Grace-Full Crossings, or Salty Soles Reflexology.

Energyhealer, Artist, Medium, officiant, death doula, workshops, author.

Triad area NC


Working through the Creator of all that is, Iris provides intuitive guidance, emotional support, and knowledge in recognizing what is in the the highest and best interest of each individual. Additional services include paranormal clearing, weddings, funerals and other celebrations. LGBT-friendly.Certified ThetaHealing practitioner. Advisory Board Member, Triad events.

ThetaHealing practitioner and intuitive guide.
Rev. Brigitte

Triad area NC and beyond


Owner of Triad Essence Energy & Wellness in Greensboro, a certified Reflexologist, Healing Touch and Huna Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and certified Medium. Also a Facilitator, Cross-over Provider, Spiritual Wellness & Accountability Coach, Teen Success Mentor, and Women’s Empowerment Speaker. Wedding officiating, Notary, dance, and Weight Management services available.

Healing, Life Coach, Mentor, Medium, Teacher and Notary.

Oak Island & Wilmington NC area


Chris is a Certified Celestial Healing Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman, Ordained Spiritual Cleric, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Mother Blessing Facilitator, and an official Munay-Ki Womb Keeper, and Meditation Guru. Chris is also certified in, Healing Touch, and Animal Reiki/Energy Medicine and chakra healing. Chris founded Celestial Healing in 2004.

Reiki, Shaman, Munay-Ki, Animal Healing, Meditation, Therapy, Practitioner.

Colorado, North Carolina, and beyond


Let go, Look, Listen & Learn. Lavonda is a Reiki Master Teacher and Ascension Reiki practitioner who also incorporates Magnetic and Crystal Therapies into healing sessions. She is also a Certified Medium, Teacher, Workshop Instructor, Inspirational Speaker, and a co-founder of The Path, a metaphysical church.

Reiki Master, Medium and Metaphysical Teacher, Event Organizer.

Jonesville NC


Destination weddings at my farm… welcome!

Destination weddings at farm named “Cheese, Chickens & Greens” in Jonesville, NC.

Durham, Chapel Hill, Triangle areas, NC


Certified Angel Intuitive from Dr. Doreen Virtue, also certified Angel Light Messenger (2005), Angel Card Reader (2012), Realm Reader (2014), certified Great Life Coach  & nondenominational Reverend. Readings, classes, workshops & ceremonies available. Located in Durham, NC but willing to travel and work over phone or online. Caring, compassionate, non-judgmental & LGBT friendly!

Psychic, angel reader, life coach, spiritual teacher, wedding officiant

Sedona, AZ, also NC & worldwide

Whitney is a Certified Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, owner of Messenger of Spirit and co-owner of International I.A.M., a metaphysical institute in Sedona, Arizona. She is available to connect with clients worldwide by phone and online. Commisioned artwork and in-person appointments available in Sedona AZ, and when she is in North Carolina.

Certified Psychic Medium, Reiki Teacher, Classes, Intuitive, Psychic

Triad area NC and beyond


Angela is a Reiki Master Teacher, intuitive, clairaudient reader, and root worker. Working closely with Spirit, her ancestors and the Lwa, she always comes from a place of truth, love and compassion, to help you on your journey in her workshops. Currently employed at Eclectic By Nature in Greensboro. Brightest blessings and Namaste!

Reiki Master, intuitive, root worker, clairaudient reader.

Sedona, AZ

Energy Investigator, Registered Medium, Minister, Reiki Master-Teacher in Sedona, Arizona.

Licensed Energy Investigator, Registered Medium, Minister, Reiki Master-Teacher.

Triad area


Jennifer is a certified Medium, Shamanic and Reiki practitioner.

Guided by Spirit to serve as needed.

Triad NC and worldwide


A practicing Shaman and Reiki Master for more than 50 years, specializing in sound healing, angelic presences, crystals and stones. Nella makes and sells completely handmade wooden flutes & drums, CDs, art, stones, healing sessions, phone & in-person readings, teachings, LGBT friendly, weddings and straight weddings, and public speaking and demonstrations.

Shamanic healing, readings, handmade wooden flutes and drums.

Greensboro NC area


Karen enjoys officiating at ceremonies that mark major life transitions, such as weddings, name ceremonies, funerals, coming of age ceremonies, and similar events. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and Registered Medium.

Ceremonies, weddings, Reiki, funerals, namings and mediumship.